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About Me

Avery Leppo - Founder, Celiac Chat

Diagnosed with Celiac disease over nine years ago, I have spent much of my childhood and teen years living gluten free. As a second grader, I began suffering from a variety of symptoms, ranging from severe headaches and abdominal pain to extreme fatigue and forceful vomiting – all causing me to miss school often, and retreat socially. 

After many consultations in which doctors initially insisted I simply had anxiety – the proper blood work and an endoscopy confirmed I had Celiac. My parents immediately consulted with a dietician and transitioned our home to a safe, 100% gluten free space. Within weeks of altering my diet, I physically felt much better. 

However, receiving this lifelong autoimmune diagnosis as a child was challenging and scary. I longed to have a mentor or confidante who I could relate to in those early years. This is exactly what inspired me to begin Celiac Chat. I am determined to be a resource and support newly diagnosed children and teens like I once was. Personally, I find these connections tremendously rewarding and truly inspirational and can only hope my mentees feel the same way. 

I am currently a senior at the Dalton School in New York City and also spend a lot of time in Litchfield County, Connecticut. My passions include: music (I am a drummer and guitarist), playing softball, nature and wilderness adventures, traveling to new places, working with children, and rooting for the Red Sox!

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