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Celiac Chat is a cost-free mentorship program for kids and teens newly diagnosed with Celiac disease. Under the guidance of the Celiac disease pediatric gastroenterologists at Columbia University, we provide a virtual safe space for young Celiacs as they navigate everyday living. We offer resources and support, share our personal stories, and discuss the challenges and fears we face while celebrating the triumphs we conquer. 

Our hybrid program is based in New York City, but mentors and mentees can be anywhere in the world – most of us connect virtually. 

Our goal is to help mentees through the many challenging stages that often accompany living with Celiac disease – be it physical, mental, or social. Following their lead, we talk about anything that is on their mind in a casual forum and help them build understanding and empathy amongst their family and friends. We share our favorite gluten free products, teach them to advocate when ordering food at a restaurant or navigate a birthday party where none of the food is safe, and educate others about what happens to the body when exposed to gluten. 

Above all else, we wish to provide each mentee with a glimmer of hope and serve as an example of how one can thrive and live a fulfilling life despite Celiac disease.

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